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Finite Mathematics

MATH 110 Section 003

Fall 2013, Lecture

William McCurdy

Office Hours and Contact Information

MTLC Floor Hours: Monday - 3pm - 5pm

                           Tuesday - 10:30am - 12:30pm

                           Thursday - 10:30am - 12:30pm

Ofice: 223A Gordon Palmer (schedule appointments via email) 

Required Texts

UA Supply Store Textbook Information



UA Course Catalog Prerequisites

Prerequisite(s): PLMA 250 or higher or ACT2 18 or SAT2 440 or MATH 100.

Course Description

UA Course Catalog Information


Core Designations:

This course is intended to give an overview of topics in finite mathematics with applications.   This course covers mathematics of finance, logic, set theory, elementary probability and statistics.  This course does not provide sufficient background for students who will need to take Precalculus Algebra or Calculus.

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Students will be able to discriminate between reliable and less reliable information in their decision-making.
  • Students will be able to recognize and explain the scientific method, and evaluate scientific information.
  • The course presents the essential characteristics and basic processes of inquiry and analysis in the discipline.
  • The course encourages the development of critical thinking skills and requires students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge.
  • The course considers its subjects in relation to other disciplines and to the human condition.
  • The course is not limited to majors in any discipline.
  • The course does not focus on professional skills.

LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR THIS COURSE:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Calculate simple and compound interest.
  • Calculate future and present value of annuities.
  • Apply laws of logic to argument analysis.
  • Calculate simple and conditional probability.
  • Calculate expected values and variances.


Grading Policy

COURSE GRADES: This course is under the “A, B, C, NC” policy, +/- grades are given.  Students must earn a minimum of 70% (C-) to successfully pass this course.  The course grade is based on points earned as follows:


  4 Tests                                 70%                                                                          COURSE GRADE SCALE

  Quizzes                                10%                                                                   A+   98% – 100%     A   92% – 97.9%      A-  90% – 91.9%

  Homework                            8%                                                                   B+   88% – 89.9%    B    82% – 87.9%     B-  80% – 81.9%

  Study Plan                          10%                                                                   C+   78% – 79.9%    C    72% – 77.9%     C-  70% – 71.9%

  Class/Lab Attendance      2%                                                              NC   Below 70%                                     

    Total                              100%                        


Students must earn a minimum of 70% (C-) to successfully pass this course.

Note: Wednesday, Oct. 30th is the last day to drop this class with a W. No withdrawals will be allowed after this date. 

MTLC INFO:     LOCATION: B1 Tutwiler        PHONE:  348-2592                               WEBSITE:

      HOURS: Sunday:  6pm – 9pm                           CLOSINGS:  Labor Day Holiday: Sun. 9/1 & Mon. 9/2

                     Mon. – Thur.:  8am – 10pm                                   Fall Break: Thurs.10/31 thru Sun. 11/3

                     Friday:  8am – 4:45pm                                          Thanksgiving: Tues. 11/26 at 5PM until Sun. 12/1

                                                     NOTE:  Last day for help in MTLC is Sunday 12/8 (6-9pm)

Exams and Assignments


  • Option 1:  Log into myBama, go to your Blackboard Learn courses, click on Math 110.
  • Option 2:  Go to  Your username:  Crimson email prefix                             example:  jksmith

                                                                                               Your password:   CWID                                                   example:  12345678

  • Then you will find your current course under the Alabama Fall 2013 Term.

Test 1 Material: Test 1 is on Thursday September 19

Class meeting




Assignment Completion Deadline

Online Registration for Test 1 begins at 8am 8/26 and ends at 9/13

W 8/21




Syllabus Quiz  Due Friday 8/30 by 10:00 pm

M 8/26

Lab #1


Percents, Taxes, and Inflation

Due 8/27  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 8/28



Due 8/29  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 9/4

Lab #2



Due 9/5  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 9/9

Lab #3




W 9/11


Amortization (continued)

Due 9/12  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 9/16

No Lab


Review for Test 1


W 9/18


Review for Test 1

Test 1 Thursday 9/19 in MTLC


Test 2 Material: Test 2 is on Thursday October 10

Class meeting




Assignment Completion Deadline

Online Registration for Test 2 begins at 8am 9/23 and ends at 5pm 10/4

M 9/23

Lab #4


The Language of Sets

Due 9/24  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm


Comparing Sets

Due 9/24  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 9/25


Set Operations

Due 9/26  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm


Survey Problems

Due 9/26  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 9/30

Lab #5


Statements and Connectives

Due 10/1  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 10/2


Truth Tables

Due 10/3  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 10/7

No Lab


Conditional and Biconditional

Due 10/8  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 10/9


Review for Test 2

Test 2 Thursday 10/10 in MTLC


Test 3 Material: Test 3 is on October 28-30

Class meeting




Assignment Completion Deadline

Online Registration for Test 3 begins at 8am 10/14 and ends at 5pm 10/25

M 10/14

Lab #6


Introduction to Counting Method

Due 10/15  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm


Counting Principle

Due 10/15  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 10/16


Permutation and Combinations

Due 10/17  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 10/21

Lab #7


Basic Probability

Due 10/22  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 10/23


Compliments and Unions

Due 10/24  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 10/28

No Lab


Review for Test 3


W 10/30


No Class meeting

Test 3  October 28-30 in MTLC


Test 4 Material:  Test 4 is on Thursday November 21

Class meeting




Assignment Completion Deadline

Online Registration for Test 4 begins at 8am 11/4

and ends at 5pm 11/15

M 11/4

Lab #8


Conditional Probability

Due 11/5    Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 11/6


Expected Value

Due 11/7    Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 11/11

Lab #9


Organizing Data

Due 11/12  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 11/13


Measure of Central Tendency

Due 11/14  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

M 11/18

No Lab


Measure of Dispersion

Due 11/19  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm


Normal Distribution

Due 11/19  Homework @ 9pm, Quiz @ 10pm

W 11/20


Review for Test 4

Test 4 Thursday 11/21 in MTLC


OPTIONAL: Comprehensive Final Exam December 8-13

Class meeting





M 11/25


No Lab


Review for Final Exam

Study Plan due by 12pm (noon) Friday 12/13

Last day for help in MTLC is Sunday 12/8, 4-6:30pm

M 12/2


No Lab

Online Registration for Final Exam begins at 8am 11/25 and ends at 5pm 12/6

Extra Help:  The Center for Academic Success (CAS), Osband Hall, 348-8854,

Policy on Missed Exams & Coursework

MAKE-UP POLICY:  If homework or quizzes are missed due to any circumstance, the zero scores will be part of your three dropped homeworks or quizzes at the end of the semester. Students who miss work due to official University business must make other arrangements beforehand. Students who miss a test and have an excuse must make up the missed test on the Thursday or Friday following test week upon approval of a petition request form with supporting documents attached, filled out at the math department office (Gordon Palmer 345) or in the MTLC. All such petitions must be filed by 10pm on Monday following test week.

Attendance Policy

CLASS ATTENDANCE: Beginning the week of 8/21, class meetings will be held every Monday and Wednesday during the scheduled class time.  Each student is required to attend and actively participate in each class meeting every week. The use of personal laptop computers and texting during class time is prohibited.    

LAB ATTENDANCE:  Beginning the week of 8/26, in addition to class attendance, each student is required to spend at least 60 minutes working on math assignments in the MTLC each week.  Time spent working on math shows a strong correlation with success in the course.  Students are not required to be in the MTLC (Math Lab) during their particularly scheduled lab time, but may use the MTLC any time it is open to work on math assignments.  The MTLC is typically open more than 70 hours each week and has plenty of computers as well as a staff of instructors and tutors to help individuals as needed.  Lab attendance is counted from 4pm Sunday to 4:45pm Friday each week.   Credit for lab attendance is determined by ACT card swipes only.

Other Course Materials

CLICKERS: We will be using the Turning Technologies Response Units (Clickers) in this course to foster interaction, active learning, and rapid feedback (for both the instructor and students).   You are required to acquire a clicker as a learning resource (just like an access code or textbook).  We will use the clickers for in-class participation and to take attendance.  You should register your clicker via the link on the Blackboard Learn site for this course.  You need to do so by the end of the first week of class.  You are expected to bring your clicker to every lecture session and will not receive participation credit otherwise.


QUIZZES and HOMEWORK:  There will be a quiz and a graded homework assignment given on each section covered. Each must be completed before its deadline.  The homework grades will be averaged together and the quiz grades will be averaged together.  Three homework assignments and three quizzes will be automatically dropped at the end of the semester.  Homework can be worked on until all questions are correct.  You have unlimited tries on each homework, but only 2 tries for each quiz.  Only the higher quiz score will be used for grade calculation.  You will not be given help during your quizzes or tests, but help may be given when you are reviewing a quiz or testTests must be taken in the MTLC.


CALCULATOR:    For tests, you will be allowed to use the CASIO FX-260-School (available at the University bookstores) or the calculator that is available on the computer.  Using another calculator is considered academic misconduct. 

REPLACEMENT POLICY:  The Final Exam for Math 110 is NOT REQUIRED.  However, Math 110 students will have the OPTION of taking a comprehensive final exam to have the final exam score replace their lowest test score. Zeros due to an unexcused absence or academic misconduct will not be replaced.


WORKING FROM HOME: Course work can be done on your personal computer with internet access.
• Log into MyBama go to your Blackboard Learn courses, and click on Math 110.
• The course software WILL NOT WORK with Safari; use a different internet browser.
• If you get a “timeout error” when using the software, delete your browser’s cookies and/or try a new browser.
No deadline extensions will be given because of issues with a home computer. To be safe, work well ahead of the deadlines at home, so that if there is any problem you will be able to go to the MTLC and complete the assignment before the deadline.
Tests must be taken in the MTLC.



  1. The MTLC is a math classroom. Please be quiet during your visit to the MTLC.
  2. Cell phones, food, drinks (including water), tobacco products, and companions are NOT allowed in the Center. A cell phone violation will cause your cell phone to be detained until you leave the MTLC.   Your cell phone needs to be out of sight and turned off.
  3. Other than mathematics, no activities such as talking, surfing the Internet, playing computer games, typing a paper, sleeping, etc. are allowed in the MTLC.  If these activities are observed, you will be asked to leave the MTLC.
  4. The use of a computer in the MTLC is on a first-come first-serve basis; no reservation can be made for normal course work. (Reservations are required for tests.  See Test Rules below.)
  5. Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the MTLC.  Staff members in the MTLC are there to help you.


    TEST RULES:  Tests must be taken in the MTLC.  

    1. There are four 70-minute tests and a 150-minute comprehensive final exam. Test dates are listed on the front page of the syllabus.
    2. You may take your tests early:  “Early” means before the close of online registration for that exam.  No registration is needed and no penalties will apply for early tests.  However, no tests will be given on Sundays. You may not begin a test if the MTLC is scheduled to close before the end of your full allotted time: usually you must begin by 8pm (7pm for a final exam), or on Fridays by 3pm (2pm for a final exam).
    3. You must reserve a time in order to take an exam on a test deadline day.  The front page of the syllabus lists beginning and ending dates/times for online registration for each exam.  To register online, go to the MTLC website (, select link Test Registration, log in as instructed, select link Register, then choose an available date and time.  You may freely cancel or change your test time while online registration is active.  Be sure to verify your registration: log back in to the test registration site or check your confirmation email message.
    4. After online registration closes (at 5pm on Friday before the deadline week), you must come in person to the MTLC to register or to change your test time.  You must sign up manually with the instructor on duty; no phone calls or email arrangements can be accepted.  In this case, points will be deducted from your test grade as follows:

    10 points if you did not register online, 10 points if you change your test time after online registration closes but before your scheduled test time, 10 points if you miss your test time and reschedule, or if no open seats remain when you come to register

    These penalties are CUMULATIVE.  You may fill out a petition request form to have the penalty waived if you have a valid excuse.

    1. If you miss a test and your course’s testing period has NOT ended, come to the MTLC to reschedule.  If the testing period is over, see MAKE-UP POLICY above.
    2. Arrive on time for your test.  Tardiness will cost you working time on the test.  Bring your ID and pencils with you.  Swipe your ACT card at the MTLC entrance and then follow signs to the back hallway.  Staff will check your ID and give you a personalized test paper (which is your initial scratch paper), then direct you to your seat.
    3. Absolutely NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES other than a scientific calculator may be active in the testing area.  All cell phones, texting devices, iPods, MP3 players, etc must be turned off and put away before you pick up your test paper.  Use of any electronic device during a test will be treated as academic misconduct. 
    4. When you sit down at your computer, place your cellphone face down on the table with your ID on top of it. Cellphones must be turned completely off and all other belongings must be placed on the floor. As soon as you are seated, you may begin your exam.  The MTLC will give you additional scratch paper as needed; no other paper is allowed. When you are finished, staff will collect all papers. Warning: do NOT touch the browser’s BACK button, your test will close and you will have to start over.
    5. You will be allowed to review your test before you leave the lab.  You may not write down any information pertaining to test questions to take with you when you leave the MTLC after an exam.  You may not share any test information with anyone who hasn’t taken the test.  Violators will be charged with academic misconduct.
    6. During test weeks, the MTLC will be available for studying, reviewing, and or working assignments during normal hours on Monday and 9-10 PM on Tuesday-Thursday for last minute questions.  The lab will be closed for testing only for the final exam.
    7. No one may leave during a test without permission.  This includes getting water and using the restroom. 


    EARLY COURSE COMPLETION:  You are encouraged to work ahead of the syllabus deadlines, and to take tests and the final exam early.  Once you have taken the final, you do not need to continue coming to class or coming to the MTLC to work.  All the remaining attendance requirements are automatically counted for full credit.

Severe Weather Guidelines

The guiding principle at The University of Alabama is to promote the personal safety of our students, faculty and staff during severe weather events. It is impossible to develop policies which anticipate every weather-related emergency. These guidelines are intended to provide additional assistance for responding to severe weather on campus.

UA is a residential campus with many students living on or near campus. In general classes will remain in session until the National Weather Service issues safety warnings for the city of Tuscaloosa. Clearly, some students and faculty commute from adjacent counties. These counties may experience weather related problems not encountered in Tuscaloosa. Individuals should follow the advice of the National Weather Service for that area taking the necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. Whenever the National Weather Service and the Emergency Management Agency issue a warning, people in the path of the storm (tornado or severe thunderstorm) should take immediate life saving actions.

When West Alabama is under a severe weather advisory, conditions can change rapidly. It is imperative to get to where you can receive information from the National Weather Service and to follow the instructions provided. Personal safety should dictate the actions that faculty, staff and students take.

The Office of University Relations will disseminate the latest information regarding conditions on campus in the following ways:

  • Weather advisory posted on the UA homepage
  • Weather advisory sent out through UA Alerts to faculty, staff and students
  • Weather advisory broadcast over WVUA at 90.7 FM
  • Weather advisory broadcast over Alabama Public Radio (WUAL) at 91.5 FM
  • Weather advisory broadcast over WVUA-TV/WUOA-TV, and on the website at WVUA-TV Home Team Weather provides a free service you can subscribe to which allows you to receive weather warnings for Tuscaloosa via e-mail or cell phone. Check for more details and to sign up for weather alerts.

In the case of a tornado warning (tornado has been sighted or detected by radar; sirens activated), all university activities are automatically suspended, including all classes and laboratories. If you are in a building, please move immediately to the lowest level and toward the center of the building away from windows (interior classrooms, offices, or corridors) and remain there until the tornado warning has expired. Classes in session when the tornado warning is issued can resume immediately after the warning has expired at the discretion of the instructor. Classes that have not yet begun will resume 30 minutes after the tornado warning has expired provided at least half of the class period remains.

Disability Statement

If you are registered with the Office of Disability Services, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible to discuss any course accommodations that may be necessary.

If you have a disability, but have not contacted the Office of Disability Services, please call (205) 348-4285 (Voice) or (205) 348-3081 (TTY) or visit 133-B Martha Parham Hall East to register for services. Students who may need course adaptations because of a disability are welcome to make an appointment to see me during office hours. Students with disabilities must be registered with the Office of Disability Services, 133-B Martha Parham Hall East, before receiving academic adjustments.

Policy on Academic Misconduct

All students in attendance at The University of Alabama are expected to be honorable and to observe standards of conduct appropriate to a community of scholars. The University of Alabama expects from its students a higher standard of conduct than the minimum required to avoid discipline. At the beginning of each semester and on examinations and projects, the professor, department, or division may require that each student sign the following Academic Honor Pledge: “I promise or affirm that I will not at any time be involved with cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, or misrepresentation while enrolled as a student at The University of Alabama. I have read the Academic Honor Code, which explains disciplinary procedure resulting from the aforementioned. I understand that violation of this code will result in penalties as severe as indefinite suspension from the University.”

See the Code of Student Conduct for more information.

UAct: Ethical Community Statement

The University of Alabama is committed to an ethical, inclusive community defined by respect and civility. The UAct website ( provides extensive information on how to report or obtain assistance with a variety of issues, including issues related to dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, sexual violence or other Title IX violations, illegal discrimination, harassment, child abuse or neglect, hazing, threat assessment, retaliation, and ethical violations or fraud.